Corporate Branding

We understand that either your company’s branding or that of your customers is very important. So we give you the opportunity to place your name or logo on the product you are purchasing. Branding options can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. Some which we offer are:

  • Coloured vinyl logos or lettering
  • Timber engraving
  • Illuminated Perspex engraving


       Colour matching

We do keep a range of stock colours. We can however also cater for special colours; if you have a RAL number, a Dulux number or BS number we can create a perfect match with our flawless durable paint finish. Alternatively if you give us a sample of the colour you wish to match we can have our supplier create a bespoke colour match. Click to enlarge the RAL chart below. 


   Veneer Selection

Choose one of our standard veneers (shown above) or let us know your specific requirements and we shall search our wide range of veneer suppliers for the best match available. 

      3D Drawings and Rendered scenes

We provide highly detailed drawings and 3D CAD images as part of our bespoke product development process. We also offer a drawing and 3D model making service at an hourly rate, so if you need help to develop your product or just to show it off in photo realistic 3D we would be happy to help.

      Onsite Consultation

Where onsite consultations are required we will send out one of our project managers to meet with you and or your client. These meetings are invaluable when creating bespoke solutions. By talking in person we can gauge an accurate impression of exactly what it is you are after. Your furniture consultant will also utilise this time to take any necessary measurements and photographs to avoid the need for any unnecessary repeat visits. 

      French polishing

Whether you need to match current furniture to new, or just rejuvenate old items by removing scuffs and scratches, our experienced french polisher offers excellent service at a reasonable price.


 RAL Chart